Custom Folding EBike, 52V, 1500W, Boston, MA - Lightly Used

Got something to sell? Have extra parts that need a good home? Have something that others would need to complete their kits? Post it up here and see if anyone else is searching for what you are selling.
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Custom Folding EBike, 52V, 1500W, Boston, MA - Lightly Used

Post by RyFocal » Dec 01 2019 4:32pm

Selling my 5 month old folding ebike.

After a move to Boston, my expected commute has doubled and I now need a car. This bike is perfect for someone who wants a reliable, fast, long-range ebike that you can fold and bring up to your desk at work.

Top speed I’ve achieved is 32 mph. Throttle range is 30 miles, pedal assist range is 60 miles plus (never tested to limit). Tons of torque, solid frame, small folding size, and bullet proof components make this the perfect commuting bike. I did a hilly, 20 mile round-trip commute for 2 months and now have a 42 mile, highway dependent commute and need a car. Finally getting around to selling this bike :(

Here are the components:

-Tern Link D8 (2019)
-Bafang BBSHD (1500W max) mid-drive
-EggRider OLED Smart Display (with app connectivity)
-Thumb throttle
-Lekkie Bling Ring 46T
-Gear sensor
-em3ev 52V, 23.8Ah (14S7P-35E) rectangle battery pack with smart BMS
-58.8V charger with 90/100% switch
-Rear bike rack
-Battery bag
-Hornit 140 decibel horn
-450 lumen, rechargeable headlamp
-Superflash rear light
-3M Spoke reflectors (great for nighttime safety)

The bike cost me $2600 to put together.

I am selling it now for $1900 obo.

I would prefer local pickup.

Let me know if you are interested or have any questions!
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