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reputable vendor

Post by billriv » Jan 15 2020 7:23am

Has anyone ever bought from Leaf Bike? Below is a link to the ebike kit I am interested in buying. The price and shipping charge seem reasonable when compared to other vendors, but I have no idea if they have a good customer service.

Bill ... t-584.html

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Re: reputable vendor

Post by amberwolf » Jan 15 2020 7:45pm

billriv wrote:
Jan 15 2020 7:23am
Has anyone ever bought from Leaf Bike?
i don't have a direct answer for your questions, however there's a fair bit of discussion about them, if you're willing to take the time to poke thru them. some of it is just asking about their products, but some of it is post-purchase information you might find useful.

this is a list of topics containing mention of their site
search.php?keywords=**&term ... mit=Search

and this is all the posts themselves
search.php?keywords=**&term ... mit=Search

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Re: reputable vendor

Post by markz » Jan 15 2020 9:58pm

I purchased a Leaf hub motor laced into a wheel, and it arrived on time, with no issues.

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