Dahon Briza D8 and TSDZ2

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Dahon Briza D8 and TSDZ2

Post by Nick2 » Jan 12 2020 6:34am

I am looking for the e-bike solution for my better half and here are her requirements -
Small, but not too small (mostly paved roads but also some dirt and gravel paths, so 20" is not optimal)
Low step through frame, foldable, lightweight, torque sensing is a must
I could not find any electric bike that fits the bill completely so I started looking for a DIY solution.
Dahon Briza D8 seems very solid, it has 24" wheels, low step through frame, it is completely foldable and pretty light at 12 kg. And my wife like it.
The downside: it is pretty pricey, especially considered it has no disc brakes, but it is not a deal-beaker for me.
Since my last year TSDZ2 project is running very nice, I decided to use the same for the Dahon bike as well.
Judging from the brief look in the shop, it seems that TSDZ2 will fit in the BB, but I would like to know if anybody here has done this combination already, to share his/her experience.

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