50/100 kW PMSM Survey

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albertocesare   100 µW

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50/100 kW PMSM Survey

Post by albertocesare » Aug 13 2019 6:41am

Hi all!

I just have ended my graduation project for Mechanical Engineering in Italy with a brushless PMSM project to electrify my car.
Now, I need a lot of money to buy lipo batteries but, as a student, I don't have so much of it, so I thought to build and sell a couple of motors to get enough money for my project.

I only would like to know if you find some interest in a motor like that and if you hypotetically have to conver a car, you will buy it.
Here are specs:

- Termically, magnetically analized -> femm analysis + thesis available
- 50kw continuous, 100kw burst (can do better with thicker magnets)
- liquid cooled
- NdFeB N42 magnets
- Custom winding optimization: from 500Nm torque / low speed for direct drive, to 80Nm / high speed for gearbox
- Approx 35kg -> Extreme high power density due to coreless stator /double cored rotor
- 95% efficiency


I found Alibaba prices for about 3000$, I think I should sell this product for about 1500/2000$, mostly because of Nd cost.

Thanks for anyone would give me his answer / opinion :D

KWS Seuren   10 mW

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Re: 50/100 kW PMSM Survey

Post by KWS Seuren » Oct 13 2019 4:18pm


If the motor costs in the range of 2000 to 4000 for that power there will be enough demand for it for sure. Currently i am looking for an electric motor for a conversion.

Do you have more details about the motor? Have you got a prototype or something like that?

We are a company based in the Netherlands, we make battery packs mainly for electric bicycle's, but also custom packs. Maybe we can help you with making a battery pack for your conversion?

Kind regards,

Stan Seuren

flat tire   1 MW

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Re: 50/100 kW PMSM Survey

Post by flat tire » Oct 13 2019 7:30pm

That's a weird way to go about getting money for lipos. It won't work out for you especially if your strategy is to price low. Custom low volume motors are expensive not cheap. And you shouldn't be competing with the damn Chinese but companies like Emrax.

Also nothing works as you expect the first time. If you really indeed want money for lipos you're probably better off using your nice CAD skills freelance. I would pay you for that if you were local.

deGuzel   100 µW

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Re: 50/100 kW PMSM Survey

Post by deGuzel » Nov 02 2019 9:43am

It is exactly the kind of power/size motor I am looking for right now. I think there is a lack of offer between for 30-70kW continuous.

I would be interested by completely assembled motor or even just to buy plans and assembly instructions.

However, the only drawback I see is the UE certification. Chinese motors, even if they aren't really comparable in terms of performance, will be certified. Therefore they are easier to use on projects that will need homologation.

Let me know about the project evolution.

ecotech   100 mW

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Re: 50/100 kW PMSM Survey

Post by ecotech » Nov 03 2019 5:40am

2000 is too cheap

Hummina Shadeeba   10 MW

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Re: 50/100 kW PMSM Survey

Post by Hummina Shadeeba » Nov 12 2019 7:28pm

really zero cogging torque with magnets? how many teeth and magnets?

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