EvoMotion E-F11 electric moped

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EvoMotion E-F11 electric moped

Post by Jay_1980 » Oct 30 2019 1:40pm

HI all,

I am new to all this so please be gentle. I have a EvoMotion E-F11 electric moped. It was fully working then it just stopped. Now it wont move at all. It got taken to a guy local to me and he said it was the throttle a new on was ordered and then it still wont move and he said it could be the controller or it could be the motor. He said tbh he has not idea at all on what it could be and he said there is no way to actually just connect 2 wires to the motor and see if it works. He said its a lot more complicated to sort out. and so just dropped it off and then said sorry not his problem. I know a lot of help. Is there anyone on here who can guide me in the right direction with it. ???? or what to do next.

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Re: EvoMotion E-F11 electric moped

Post by amberwolf » Oct 31 2019 12:59am

Does it have a screen that indicates anything?

Is that screen staying blank, or is it still displaying info when the bike is on?

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Re: EvoMotion E-F11 electric moped

Post by overvolt » Nov 02 2019 4:00pm

It may have a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker. Do you have a voltmeter check that you have power from battery packed and power to controller battery inputs. Post pictures of wiring battery pack motor and controller and I'll try to help look for any burned or loose wires

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