2006 ecocruz electric scooter

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2006 ecocruz electric scooter

Post by overvolt » Oct 29 2019 10:50am

Going to pick up a 2006 ecocruz electric scooter tonight
18.8 original miles cant find any info on it
No papers hope I can get it registered in California
Look like it was made in China and rebranded
Doesn't run will be my second Chinese escooter
DMV wont let me register the first 1 I have no papers
Overvolted first scooter to 72 volts
Haven't rode on it yet.
Thinking of building my own frames to get them registered
I'll post pics later
First scooter has 7.5 original miles had 4 x 6 volt batteries
That why it didnt run 48 volt 8000 watts hub motor turns with 72v controller and battery pack made by Zhejiang Jonway in china branded as smart electric scooter
Bet same issue on this 1 china installed wrong batteries
I'll post updates when I pick up the second one how do I get these registered in California full sized scooters

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