Hub Motor Bicycle Generator

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Hub Motor Bicycle Generator

Post by prosodyspeaks » Oct 14 2019 11:14pm

Hi! First time post :)

i'm helping a community group make a bicycle generator and trailer-based soundsystem and hoped somebody might have a few words of wisdom to keep me on the right track!

the generator will charge a 12v SLA battery on the trailer. i intend to use an Ebike rear-hub motor permanently fitted to a bike which is manually pedalled to tow the trailer, then lifted onto a rear-wheel trainer stand and connected to controller/battery for charging.

For the time being there is no requirement to use the hubmotor to drive the bike at all and i don't intend to buy lithium batteries. but, err, what happens if we ride the bike with the motor not connected to anything?

charge controllers.... the voltage has potential to vary quite wildly and will need to be controlled for safe battery charging. i found ... ulator.htm which suggest that i should be getting a DC-DC converter which accepts upto 60v and outputs 14.4v. is this the best way to regulate voltage? any other options?

or is this one any good for my purpose? ... al&sr=1-15
does 'step up' mean anything - can i use it to step down instead?

i was wondering if the ebike controllers might be leveraged to my purposes at all? maybe they can vary the load to allow rider to adjust resistance, as well as maybe convert / control voltages somehow? i basically don't know anything about ebike tech so am inclined to just use the motor but maybe a bike conversion kit including motor and ebike controller will be cheaper than a seperate hub motor and charge control solution?

if anyone has any thoughts on particular hubmotors available at decent prices in the UK i'd love to know. i read somewhere that 36v 500w ones work well - any correction to that? any recommendations gratefully received!

thanks so much :)

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