Lightly used LG18650MH1 (Blue) 3200mAh 10A 3.63V 11.62Wh = $1 for one or less. US Seller.

Got something to sell? Have extra parts that need a good home? Have something that others would need to complete their kits? Post it up here and see if anyone else is searching for what you are selling.
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Lightly used LG18650MH1 (Blue) 3200mAh 10A 3.63V 11.62Wh = $1 for one or less. US Seller.

Post by Ellectrico » Jan 27 2020 10:24am

LG18650MH1 18650 cell,3200mAh 10A 3.63V 11.62Wh GENUINE CELLS

These cells are in excellent condition, testing at 95% (or higher) of the manufacturers rated capacity.

Please take note, these cells were extracted from brand new battery packs, so they have spot weld marks and leftover nickel from the welds on the positive and negative terminals (see pics). This does not affect the cell's performance in any way, you could spot weld or solder over them or remove very easily.

You are getting brand new quality & capacity, for the price of "used" cells which would normally have noticeably decreased capacity.

Most of our cells still test over their rated capacity, though to be on the safe side, we say 95% or higher.

Besides the spot weld marks, they are otherwise "new" in performance and quality

Rest Assured, Always 100% Authentic, GUARANTEED!


If you're interested in placing larger bulk orders,
I have a large stock of these cells,
feel free to contact me anytime!

Below are full specifications, fell free to ask questions that weren't covered here:

Brand: LG
Model name(s): LG18650MH1,INR18650MH1,INR18650-MH1 ,ICR18650MH1
Manufacturer full Name: LG 화학 (LG Chemical)
Origin: South Korea
Weight: 49.00 g
Diameter, max.: 18.40 mm
Height, max.: 65.10 mm
Voltage, charge max.: 4.20 V
Voltage, nominal: 3.63 V
Voltage, discharge end: 2.50 V
Capacity, max.: 3200.00 mAh
Constant charge current, max.: 3.10 A
Charge constant standard: 1.55 A
Discharge standard: 620 mA
Max. continuous discharge current: 10.00 A
Peak discharge theoretic, 4 sec: 17.5 A
C-rate (charge, max.): 0.97 C
C-rate (discharge, max.): 3.13 C
Watts (charge, max.): 11.253 W
Watts (discharge, max.): 36.3 W
Energy, max.: 11.62 Wh
Density volumetric theoretic: 672 Wh/L
Density gravimetric theoretic 237.00 Wh/kg
E-rate (charge, max.): 0.97 E
E-rate (discharge, max.):3.12 E
Chemical abbreviation: NMC
Cathode: LiNiMnCoO2
Anode: carbon
Remark: Ni-Rich
Standard charge: 2.5 hours
Rapid charge: 2 hours
Storage (less than 1 month): -20 – 60 °C
Storage (less than 3 month): -20 – 45 °C
Storage (less than 1 year): -20 – 20 °C
Temp charge, min: 0.00 °C
Temp charge, max: 45.00 °C
Temp discharge, min: -20.00 °C
Temp discharge, max: 60.00 °C
Internal impedance: 7 mΩ

Here is an in-depth data sheet about the cell and it's testing and origin. ... _Sheet.pdf

I am located in the West Coast, shipping rates for USA only are the following:

Minimum order: 15 pieces at $1 a piece. $5 shipping.
From 15 up to 50 = $6 Shipping
From 50 up to 170 = $12 Shipping
From 170 to 300 = $15 Shipping

Any orders over 300 = Free shipping.

Any out of the country orders would have to be calculated on the spot, so inquire via PM's.

can provide more detailed descriptions or photos if needed. At this moment I have about 2000 cells available, will have more as soon as I sell this batch. Price will either drop or increase depending on demand. 

All transactions through paypal only with moneyback guarantee if the quality is subpar.

No ultrafire scam stuff, these are honest, hardworking 3200mah cells.
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550 cells already shipped, will post link to references on other forums.

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