FREE - 24, Well Used, 60AH GBS Cells

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FREE - 24, Well Used, 60AH GBS Cells

Post by PJD » Jan 26 2020 11:54pm

I have, to give away, 24, 60 AH GBS cells (4.6 kWh), mfg date ca. 2011, formerly used in a Current Motor maxi-scooter. They are probably no longer adequate for EV use due to power capacity degradation, but they still have at least 90 percent of their rated Wh capacity as long as they are not discharged faster than 1/2C or so. So, they could be used for a homemade "power wall" or for a off-grid solar syatem for a cabin, camp, trailer or boat.

I live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They are in individual 4 cell boxes with all connection hardware included. I'm averse to shipping, but could ship them at the adopters expense.

Paul 412-812-8536

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