Looking for Kuteng KT36 controller

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Looking for Kuteng KT36 controller

Post by obcd » Mar 18 2020 4:38pm

I am located in Belgium and are searching for a Kuteng KT36 (SVP?) or equivalent.
It's not for a bike but for a 36V 3 phase brushless pump motor that will be used to fill bottles with desinfection hand gel.
The pump controller is defective, and the Kuteng with osf seems like a perfect way to get the thing running again.
Needless to say it's an urgent matter. This doesdn't mean I am willing to pay some crazy money for it. I am willing to pay for fast shipping.
I checked ebay, but most I could find are the ZWSRT types that are missing the phase current sensor.
I am unsure if that type could be used with the motor.
So, if you might have one lying around, and shipping it wouldn't take ages, please pm me.
Thanks in advance.

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