Need tech help in Deerfield Beach, FL

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allroads   100 mW

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Need tech help in Deerfield Beach, FL

Post by allroads » Feb 11 2020 4:58pm

Have a 36v 20ah lifepo and 5 amp charger. Added new xlr and quick disconnect plug to both ends all this to an ebike kit. I do have power to the front hub. So far have 25 miles on the clock. Put the charger on the batt but I can't tell if it's charging it.
I need someone here in my area to check my soldering work. Also the readout screen does not tell me how much charge is remaining, has a silly bar graph with no detailed info. Possible adding a more accurate meter or different screen. Don't mind to pay for services. Lost in deerfield!

PitbullOnAcid   1 mW

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Re: Need tech help in Deerfield Beach, FL

Post by PitbullOnAcid » Feb 15 2020 12:32pm

Honestly the best thing to do is get a cheap volt meter and check it yourself.

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