Need 36 volt external battery for A2B Metro

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Need 36 volt external battery for A2B Metro

Post by orlydj » Jan 24 2020 4:11pm

I purchased a Ultra motor A2B Metro when they first were sold by Best Buy. I failed to buy the external battery pack. The bike still has the internal banana battery which may need replacement or upgrade. .
I need help setting up an after market battery back or the original A2B external battery pack. If any ones knows who can rebuild and upgrade my internal banana battery also. Any and all suggestions are welcome.

Thank You.

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Re: Need 36 volt external battery for A2B Metro

Post by amberwolf » Jan 25 2020 12:19am

there's a number of threads about this, if you're up for some reading and possibly diy.

search.php?keywords=A2B+Metro&terms=all ... mit=Search

these are the battery-specific ones:
search.php?keywords=A2B+Metro+batt*&ter ... mit=Search

if those are not helpful, let us know so we can ask you questions to guide us in giving more specific information. :)

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