What about Q70 motor hub?

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What about Q70 motor hub?

Post by cmmodem » Mar 12 2018 11:33am

Some ower of the Q70 engine of bmsbattery?
Weight, characteristics, how is it going.

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Re: What about Q70 motor hub?

Post by markz » Mar 17 2018 4:42am

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Re: What about Q70 motor hub?

Post by paradad » Nov 04 2019 3:32am

Anyone got any information on how these perform?
Efficient? Will they cope running at 48v? Any issues with typical British weather? ... I'm thinking here of mild wet salt-laden roads :)
I'm thinking of getting one of these for a Brompton.
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Re: What about Q70 motor hub?

Post by sleepy_tired » Nov 20 2019 3:52pm

They are not going to be nearly as nice as the newer small hub motors from Bafang, like the G310. Less efficient, but also lower cost. You can probably make up the difference by spending the money you save on higher capacity batteries. As long as you keep the motor within specs it shouldn't make a big difference either way.

But on Brompton I believe it uses non-standard dropouts. So these motors may not actually fit.

Check out:
The front fork uses tiny 8mm dropout slots and a narrow 75mm hub width, the rear tire folds into the bottom bracket eliminating most mid-drive options, and the triple fold adds challenges to the cable routing and component location.

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