Waterproof connectors?

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matte2k   10 mW

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Waterproof connectors?

Post by matte2k » Nov 08 2015 4:22am

On my BBS01 250w I'll have Bullet style connectors running from motor to battery. Are these waterproof or do I need to use heat shrink tube and silicone to secure these?

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dogman dan   100 GW

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Re: Waterproof connectors?

Post by dogman dan » Nov 11 2015 7:30am

You could shrink them, wrap them in tape, whatever. If they are really located in a wet zone, too close to the tire spray, I just tape wrap them. Though it seldom rains here, I do run out for a fun mud run whenever it does. I pack the bike with mud in the dirt, then ride through every puddle on the way home to minimize the wash off at home.

It seems to be enough waterproofing. But for sure, you have to do better on exposed halls plugs. With halls plugs, I much prefer to lengthen the wire to get any plugs behind the rear fender, in a dry area on the bike.

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