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Ping 36 volt 10 AH

Posted: Jan 24 2020 10:02am
by passpato
I just wanted to sing the praises of Li Ping. My ping 36v 10ah battery is 8 years old now. Its installed on a Heinzmann powered Specialized mountain bike. It doesn't get used that much these days but has seen many deep cycles over 20 miles where the bms has cut power. I connected a Turnigy "watts up" meter today and rode my bike untill the BMS cut the power. To my surprise the battery still holds 8.9 amp hours. I think thats excellent for a battery of this age. Its a cold day too, which may have had an effect. I should also mention that when I had a BMS problem with another battery a few years back (due to neglect) Pings after sales service was unbelievable. They sent a total of 32 messages talking me through each stage of repair untill the battery was back in service. He even sent me a single cell charger free of charge.
I'm hoping Ping will remain at the front of the battery game when I do eventually need a replacement.

Re: Ping 36 volt 10 AH

Posted: Jan 24 2020 11:03am
by john61ct
Great write-up, grateful for the reminder.

LFP chemistry?

Anyone know the cells they use?

Will they make a completely custom pack? I need a specific shape and want an easily removed/replaced BMS, always accessible balance wire taps so each cell/group can be separately tested periodically.