Mustang Lithium

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Mustang Lithium

Post by Dauntless » Nov 06 2019 4:45pm

Any sufficiently advanced technology is INDISTINGUISHABLE FROM MAGIC!
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Re: Mustang Lithium

Post by gogo » Nov 06 2019 5:13pm

Don't bother looking for pictures, there are none. F Ford.
[EDIT] I thought this was supposed to be the 'mustang' SUV. There's pics of the concept 'lithium mustang' with the 4 speed gearbox that can handle 1000 I'd love to know how much that gearbox/differential axle costs.
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Re: Mustang Lithium

Post by LeftieBiker » Nov 06 2019 5:16pm

The Volt was never intended for production either. It was, in fact, a Camaro show car with a golf cart drivetrain. But public pressure got the car built anyway, and I suspect that if enough people get to drive the Mustang Lithium it too will be produced...
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Re: Mustang Lithium

Post by Hillhater » Nov 06 2019 7:16pm

Hmm ? , another 800v drive train ?
There has to be a reason for this voltage level in these latest EVs.

But this is utter marketing BS..
director of marketing for Webasto Customized Solutions, said the. (six speed). manual transmission was included "because it puts control of the vehicle back in the driver's hands." The driver can simply leave the car in third gear all the time and drive it like any other electric car or choose to shift gears.
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