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Electric snowblower conversion: Gas powered Yamaha to 5kW electric

Posted: Nov 04 2019 3:42pm
Here is a small video showing my old Yamaha YS828 snowblower converted to approx. 5kW lithium-ion electric:

Main parts used for conversion:
- Removable ENNOID 12S10P battery pack integrated with a DieBieMS board for battery monitoring, charging & balancing.
- Denzel D4500 motor
- Kelly KLS controller
- Separate small PWM driven dc motor for driving the tracks.

Nice thing is that the overall user experience is still unchanged. The original handles on right & left side are still operational. Whole thing got a bit lighter being electric & should be more powerful as well.

I think many similar gasoline snowblower could be easily converted that way... No more fumes & more silent.