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Ecoreco M5 forkplay

Posted: Jan 19 2020 1:30pm
by Galcohen24
Hey, I have a scooter that has the same frame as the Ecoreco M5 and lately I have had a lot of forkplay (the handle moves forward and backward a little bit).
I tried tightening every screw I thought might cause it but nothing changed.
The only screw I can't tighten is the one inside the fork, how do I access it?
(There is a screw at the bottom that can't be tightened and so probably there is a nut inside the fork but I don't see how to disassemble it).
Thanks for the help!

Re: Ecoreco M5 forkplay

Posted: Feb 08 2020 5:27pm
by AussieRider
Hi Galcohen.
The play is most likely from wear on the folding lock pin or in the latch hook. If the head bearings are loose, you'll have to remove the front wheel & mudguard to get at the adjustment. Hope this helps.