36v 12.8ah ((DC-DC Converter 40A 1800W Step up)) 72v 7ish ah

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36v 12.8ah ((DC-DC Converter 40A 1800W Step up)) 72v 7ish ah

Post by Scooterbuilder » Jan 12 2020 2:38pm

Just wanted to show off my new build that’s I switched from 36v to 72v..
Going to go into a a little detail about the build so you know wha your reading about. Try to keep it short and simple.
I legally Acquired 7 different rental scooters as I went to a auction and purchased one of evey model they have been selling so I have a variety of projects... this one pacific is a ELECTICIAN 200 aka”the tank”

So first I had the original 36v 12.8ah battery running With bms output bypassed, hub motor 11inch solid front and rear tire, front suspension (TOP SPEED :22mph)

I ran in parrel and Series (together as a 4 pack) 4x 36v 5.2ah and got 72v 10.4ah but i don’t like the series connection idea and where I had the batteries around the pole. (TOP SPEED : 38mph) (0-38 in about 7-8seconds )

I purchased “””Hot DC-DC Converter 40A 1800W Step up Boost Voltage Regulation Constant Current”””

Gets a slight lag as to the acceleration but I still keep my top speed @38mph(0-38 in about 12-15seconds) but now I am back to the original 36v 12.8 ah with the step up to 72v and I feel more comfortable but I do have a slow take offf.

I can measure the voltage but maybe I need to turn the current up? Can anyone suggest how to test the current with my voltage meter as it’s 40amp dc-dc converter. I believe my volt meter is dc10a? How would I go about turning up or down the current? Any recommendations hat it should be set at?

I also couldn’t figure out how to add photos as it kept failing? I’m new here, here’s a link I added several photo ya to if you want to check out my build! Thanks guys

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