Xiaomi m365 battery questions

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Xiaomi m365 battery questions

Post by Geneticallymodified » Oct 15 2019 2:47pm

Hi peeps, anyone know much about the standard m365 battery? 7.8 ah 36v running a 250w standard and 500w peak is the box specs. But what I wanna know is the max amp/draw of the pack. Like I assume that 500w peak means that the amps are a little over 13 at 36v and like 12 ish at 42v

I've done the dashboard mod and flashed with cfw for the standard with pro dash upgrade so I hope it's fairly battery safe, but I'm now looking at additional battery packs and it seems like very few give this info plainly

Is there a formula I can use for do I need to find out what cells are being used and do it that way?

And or is there a forum favourite resource for them maybe?

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