Motor and controller wiring check-up

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Motor and controller wiring check-up

Post by M0tWat » Mar 23 2020 5:15pm

Hello everyone!

I'm working on an electric go-kart project and have just finished a mock-up/prototype of the wiring for the motor (Golden Motor HPM3000B) and controller (Kelly KBS72151E). For now everything's flimsy and quickly put together; I did it to get a general idea of how all the components will be wired together later on. Before connecting the batteries, I will connect everything properly - with adequate wires and terminals. Then I'd simply attach the positive terminal of my battery pack to the contactor and the negative to the black wire from the controller.

Before I do that, however, I'd like to ask you for advice. Can you spot anything missing from my setup (apart from the batteries, of course)? I've made several pictures, see attachments. I base my circuit on Kelly's manual (

I've already double-checked the white connectors. Also, I'm planning to add a fuse (with a resistor in parallel) on the B+ line for additional safety.
signal-attachment-2020-03-23-195527_002.jpeg (500.17 KiB) Viewed 697 times
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