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Clamping torque arms 10mm flats SOLD CAN MAKE MORE

Posted: Sep 22 2018 12:50am
by Tony01
ALL SOLD!! See reply post below!

CNC milled clamping torque arms for hub motors with 10mm axle flats (with qs205 step relief)

Price shipped to lower 48 USA. Can ship elsewhere for a price. Located in San Jose, CA.

Material: mild steel (weldable)
Slot: .402”. After painting will be very close to 10mm
Qs205 disc side step 4mm relief: yes, on all, ~.166”dp
Size: 1.37x.375x5.00” for very tight fit requiring some relief grinding into 1.5x.5x16ga box tubing
Pinch bolt hole: .250”
Deburring: minimal, edge breaks, tumbled

Require: some welding, some grinding, possibly hacksawing for more clamping, painting or powdercoating

I ordered one pair for myself for my custom build with qs205 and have three more pairs. Each TA has slot cut to .402” which after painting should come down to a few thousandths above 10mm/.394”. I do not plan on using a rear disc; only regen.


Posted: Sep 24 2018 12:48am
by Tony01
ALL SOLD! regular price was $45+shipping

If you need more I can price it out. Seems these sold pretty fast so, if I can get 3 people that want them, I can have them delivered in about a month. Contact me or post here.

Will be finding a different machinist. The work this guy did would never fly in any shop I worked at. They may not look pretty in hand but would still work for the application.

Rejects shown below also sold.. But they'll work fine too. The ones I'll be using on my build look like this. But nobody will be looking at the location of the pinch bolt when the bike is built up. so IDC.