Cromotor MAMMOTH build! by WIM Tech

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Cromotor MAMMOTH build! by WIM Tech

Post by WIM Technologies » Jun 03 2020 11:43am

Hi Everyone,

We are relaunching WIM Bikes under the new name WIM Technologies, Wim Tech for short.

To relaunch we are building a light motorcycle with the crazy CroMotor Mammoth. This was built years ago and at the time it landed was when we shelved the company, this 32kw hub was left gathering dust so let’s see what we can do with this.

I will be blogging the build in parts here, some specs to get everyone excited.

144v nominal, 168 hot.
120A continuous peaking 300A 5min (may be able to push this with additional cooling.

Building this on a modified greyborg frame. MX rims, this is being adjusted as we build, it’s a customer commission and a fun project for the relaunch.

We are building a UK warehouse and stocking parts with direct warranty and support from us.

Here is a build of one of our old builds and a few pics of the new build. You will be hearing a lot more from WIM Tech, this community helped me years ago and I know you will enjoy this build as much as myself.

Oh top speeds of this hub... 100mph is a given but the maths we are hoping to see 200mph?!? This is being commissioned by a customer who wants the fastest possible hub bike that still resembles a mtb. If you ask you will receive form WIM Image

Hope everyone is staying safe out their.

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Re: Cromotor MAMMOTH build! by WIM Tech

Post by skeetab5780 » Jun 08 2020 5:29pm

Lol 200mph?? Huh? I dont even think you will hit 100mph

Sub’d good luck man! Fyi it already doesnt look like a mtb nevermind when you add the 40s10p anchor

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Re: Cromotor MAMMOTH build! by WIM Tech

Post by markz » Jun 08 2020 10:00pm

Is it legal :wink:
That looks like an awesome build mate, how much does the motor and frame weigh?

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