Down Tube Battery bracket/adaptor. No frame drilling.

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Down Tube Battery bracket/adaptor. No frame drilling.

Post by Jim Clark » Oct 27 2019 12:23pm

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Hi Guys,
After building a 1/2 dozen E bike conversions and drilling the frames for thread inserts I designed this adaptor and had them machined locally here in Northern IL..
I have done conversions on 3 models of bikes and the bottle cage mounts have not been usable for installing Hailong down tube batteries because of misalignment. I have seen some conversions drilling and tapping the frame tubes directly without using steel thread inserts. I'm a former Manufacturing Engineer and owner of an aerospace manufacturing company, certified for aircraft, military and space.
Some of the E bike conversion DIY videos are a bit scary. Some installs have actually mounted the battery upside down with the locking pin and plastic base supporting the pack weight, instead of the dovetail spreading the load and maintaining a positive engagement with the electrical connector. This approach was used because the bottle cage mounts would align with the mounting slots, if the pack were installed upside down.
This adaptor uses the factory installed bottle cage mounts and provides a stable base for mounting Hailong 3 batteries. The factory hardware included with the battery is used to install the adapter. The threaded holes for the battery base have steel thread inserts. The vibration, shock, and weight of the battery is not compatible with aluminum threads, imho.. Using steel inserts makes the adaptor useful long term.
The adaptor also makes moving a conversion to a new bike much easier. The former bike has no permanent modifications or holes drilled in the frame. I made some extras and listed them on Ebay. These are CNC machined from 6061 aluminum and anodized black. I have 8 pcs for a test sample. I'm selling them for cost. If there is a market, I'll produce a large volume and reduce the cost.

I'm happy to have found your site. How many of you have had this complication with battery bracket and bottle cage misalignment?
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