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End of Season Demo Sale - the PEDALIST

Post by Fleet-Of-Foot » Oct 14 2019 8:29pm

Hello Endless Sphere,
I would like to introduce you to Fleet-Of-Foot, my part-time E-bike conversion business that has always been a joy to promote and a great change of pace from my day job. I started out with the simplest hub motor systems and like most of us kept doing more and more. A good overview of the E-bikes conversions I have done and the quality of my work can be found at www.Fleet-Of-Foot.com for examples. My passion for working bicycles evolved into cargo bikes and velomobiles. For several years I provided demos with an ELF for OT and that then evolved into a group purchase of special order "pedal only" Pedalists which are manufactured by Virtue Cycles. Thus, I have been a VAR (Value Added Reseller) using the Pedalist combined with direct drive rear hub motors from Grin Tech whom I am a dealer for their exceptional quality motors.

I now have 1 Pedalist left out of that original group purchase that has had very limited use as a demo "pedal only" Pedalist. It is an early 2018 model purchased at the lower introductory price in effect at that time. My goal is to move out this last Pedalist before winter sets in. Thus, to add value and functionality to this Pedalist, I have installed a Bafang BBS02 750 watt bottom bracket drive that was sourced from Lectric Cycles with a 11 amp Shark pack from Luna Cycles. Both the Bafang drive and the Sharkpack were previously used on other E-bikes with limited use. I have added both to this Pedalist for sale as a free upgrade. Additional upgrades include a mounted Lezyne steel travel drive floor pump, ISM Cruise comfort seat, Quick-adjust seat post clamp, Rear seat tie down loops, R&L side mirrors and Motorcycle inner-tubes used in all 3 tires with latex sealant for puncture resistance. The rear wheel has a Shimano Nexus 7 IGH connected to a 42 tooth Luna Chainring Adapter for Bafang BBS02.

Finally add to this Demo Sale thru October, "Shipping Charges are Free" saving the normal $600 flat shipping fee from the factory in San Diego. This demo unit is in like-new condition with very little use. I am getting ready to order a 2020 demo replacement and this unit must be sold before I can do that. This demo unit will be sold "as is" with no warranty stated or implied on the Bafang motor drive/Lunacycle Sharkpack battery or the Pedalist. The Pedalist with this pedal assist system meets the CPSC definition of a Low-Speed Electric Bicycle and is not considered a motor vehicle allowing some bicycle path use where allowed as well a use in areas that do not allow traditional cars.

This last Pedalist is located in Dayton, Ohio but can be shipped most anywhere in the continental U.S. as I have reusable shipping crate suitable for freight delivery. This Pedalist is available for $3790 picked up at my storage unit. I you would like a quote on shipping it to you using the pallet system, I will only charge actual shipping costs plus a refundable core deposit on my aluminum shipping pallet. If you are interested in this Pedalist email me at: sales@Fleet-Of-Foot.com or you can call 937 701-RIDE.

The following are some general pictures of the Pedalist for sale. If you would like to see something in greater detail or have any other questions, let me know and I will provide a fast response.
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