Hoverboard Motor... extra Hall Wire

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Hoverboard Motor... extra Hall Wire

Post by Telemachus » Sep 23 2017 10:28am

This hover board wheel has been through a lot! :shock:

I took it off of a hoverboard that fell into a swimming pool months ago. Besides all the corrosion that makes it difficult to turn, I noticed that it has the three phase wires, five Hall wires, and one extra white wire. The white wire is separate than the hall wire connector.

Could it be a temperature sensor?

The motherboard that it was attached to has a separate white wire that plugs in right next to the hall wore connection but is not labeled.
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Re: Hoverboard Motor... extra Hall Wire

Post by latex » Jan 09 2020 11:57am

white wire is usually speed sensor wire

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Re: Hoverboard Motor... extra Hall Wire

Post by amberwolf » Jan 09 2020 1:54pm

separate speed sensor not needed on non-geared hubmotors, so probably not that.

meausre resistance from white to hall ground. put motor in sunlight or freezer or whatever, to radically change it's temperature adn watch reading. if it changes with temperatue it's a thermal sensor. if it goe sup with temperature its ptc, i it goes down it's ntc.

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Re: Hoverboard Motor... extra Hall Wire

Post by TommyCat » Jan 09 2020 4:12pm

Is there a light display hub on the outboard side? I've seen one use this wire for powering that.

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