A Serious Yuneec Thread

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A Serious Yuneec Thread

Post by Dauntless » Jan 12 2013 3:27pm

There's been references to it, (Loved Doctorbass posting the video so we could hear how it sounded) but not much info in all that. Their electric aviation motors are up to 60kw and have their own controllers, batteries (1,500 hours?) and chargers. I'd say there's an opportunity for some serious tinkering. This seems like a large RC motor, which is fitting since it's used in the same way:

http://yuneeccouk.site.securepod.com/Po ... _spec.html

3 hour charging of a battery that will last 1.5 hours in a 100% duty cycle use is nice progress.

I'm reading that many try to reach the company and get no response. The question being is the motor still mostly vaporware? Or do they just not want to deal with small orders? Has anyone located a distributor? I've found postings where someone THOUGHT this or that company was distributing but was a dead end.

http://endless-sphere.com/forums/viewto ... ec#p388784
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Re: A Serious Yuneec Thread

Post by davidjbacon » Jan 12 2013 3:47pm

I don't have any recent information, but my suspicion is that the Yuneec company is in tatters following the E1000 (prototype) fatality in May 2011: http://light-sport-hangar-flyin.blogspo ... -lost.html

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