Mobipus 72200 problem when writting

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Mobipus 72200 problem when writting

Post by martin_284 » Jan 19 2020 8:10am

Hello there,

I have a problem with recently bought Mobipus 72200 controller. I bought it second hand and now the guy who sold it to me doesnt answer anymore. Anyway, it seems that I cannot configure the controller to work with my setup. With the mobipus program, i can connect, I can read values and flash but when I change values and try to writte back on the controller (by using Mobipus-666666 or Mobipus-88888888 (with mobipus-88888888 i can change values)) it gives me "comunication error" It seems I cannot writte. I gues the firmware is locked and I cannot do anything about it. I am trying some methods from 4 months but with no luck. If someone can help me with this I woule be verry happy. I am out of ideas, and I dont know what to do.

Looking forward for your help
Thanks in advance
Best regards

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Re: Mobipus 72200 problem when writting

Post by shortcircuit911 » Jan 20 2020 2:18am

PM sent.

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Re: Mobipus 72200 problem when writting

Post by Schlafmutze » Jan 24 2020 6:16am

I've got similar issues programming a 72200.

Desperately need more documentation and openness around the software portion on these controllers.

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