build a motor-generator based on a automotive alternator stator

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build a motor-generator based on a automotive alternator stator

Post by jlcortex » Jan 17 2020 5:11pm

hello all,
I want to make a motor-generator of about 22kw based on this existing stator:
as0005.JPG (47.09 KiB) Viewed 556 times
It is 48 slot 126mm internal diameter, it is for a 16 magnet rotor

I would like some advice. I am drawing a IPM rotor because it seems easier than external magnets and more robust.
I thought about a V design because i see all EV motors are using this rotors, but It seems it is difficult to get the exact magnet i need and, I have found a magnet (25x6x2 45SH) and it seems perfect for this rotor design:
rotor1.JPG (34.42 KiB) Viewed 556 times
motor1.JPG (33.15 KiB) Viewed 556 times
it have 192 magnets!

but the main problem seems the lamination, I have been researching about lamination prototypes, I have to ask some companies but it seem not cheap.

What do you think about use 0.5mm mild steel? for a stator is very bad, but it is a rotor.
And it is a prototype, using a common steel would make things a lot easier because I can do it here with a local laser cutting supplier.

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