Ebikeling "wide" 1500w kit

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Re: Ebikeling "wide" 1500w kit

Post by 1KW » Feb 11 2015 3:48pm

How much do those run? 250usd+?

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Re: Ebikeling "wide" 1500w kit

Post by diggler » Feb 14 2015 3:09pm

On leaf bike they say $180 just motor so pretty close in price to the halo motors but the shipping is the issue.
Maybe ask neptronix what he paid for his shipped?
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Re: Ebikeling "wide" 1500w kit

Post by thundercamel » Jun 20 2019 4:26pm

This thread kind of turned into a Leaf Bike thread, but I took some pictures of my Ebikeling 1500w motor last night:
Thread here

I think this might be a clone of the Leaf Bike 1500w motor... Ebikeling doesn't post a dyno graph, but lo and behold it at least has 0.35mm laminations! Could it's efficiency be close to 90%?

I'm guessing it's a 4 turn motor; unloaded speed on a 700x38c tire was I believe 52mph around 52 volts. The controller says 35 amps, but the sw900 programming on P14 has a range of 1-20 amps (I need to test if this actually changes anything), and my smart BMS says it's drawing 31 amps from 1mph to 33+mph.

Feel free to leave comments in the thread above, as I've linked it in one other thread as well.
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