Tc80 burnt...

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Re: Tc80 burnt...

Post by sacko » Feb 26 2014 6:06am

That's been months!

Im running a 4080 in mine now, a Cromotor is the way forward but it adds a lot of extra weight.

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Re: Tc80 burnt...

Post by Spacey » Feb 27 2014 12:29pm

Lovely bike Sacko, hats off to you. I've been somewhat occupied with other things since I bought that motor from you..... I might stick it in the raptor ...or I might just put it in a kiddies trike one of those plastic things.

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Re: Tc80 burnt...

Post by Pieter de tuinkabouter » Oct 05 2014 6:31am

6 months down the line,
Blew up the CA V3, upon using too light phase cables, they shorted and took the V3 with it...
New TC80 holding up great with 75V 24s battery, changed the 90A for a 60A controller, worked fine for some 4 months, then it broke down a month ago, turned out one of the capacitor's had broken off, they were not securely attached. Fixed that.
Installed a voltage meter, allowing for some longer runs (end of battery can be anticipated).
Last week the 80A battery BMS burnt, opened it up, turned out to have scorched the entire discharge module... new 120A ordered.
Have split the pack to make it fit inside the bike frame partially. Awaiting the BMS to install again.

Spent so far: €4.000 and counting...though i did save €2.100 by commuting in the last 6 months...
Some have already called me crazy: it does demand quite a bit of maintenance
But it's crazy fun riding it!
2014-10-03 11.36.49 mini.jpg
battery split test setup...awaiting new BMS and proper installation
Playing on fully TC80 - 20Ah LifePo4 120ABMS - 60A controller - 75kph max.
Commuting on BMSBattery 48V 20A FWD.
SOLD BIONX kit SL 250 HT DT XL, 45 kph.

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Re: Tc80 burnt...

Post by Schlafmutze » Oct 05 2014 7:53am

If you want to do hill climbing a temp sensor is a must, setting the t max to 90-100c before it starts to throttle down the power so you don't burn the motor.
High amps at high RPM isn't much of a issue, but high amps at low RPM can easily burn your motor if you're not paying attention.

Keep in mind that battery amps and phase amps (motor amps) are different.

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