36V10Ah on bugdet

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36V10Ah on bugdet

Post by hrc » Feb 05 2020 4:46pm

Hi, im an e-newbie and I need to power a 350W front hub motor and I found this battery pack;
https://es.aliexpress.com/item/32997544 ... KnyQE&mp=1
Its 10S3P and 36V10Ah and it only 98 usd delivered. Too good to be true?
Has anyone tried this battery packs from Liitokala?
What risks should face?
Plan to install it on a frame bag under the top tube.

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Re: 36V10Ah on bugdet

Post by amberwolf » Feb 05 2020 5:10pm

anythign that sounds too good to be true usually is.

liitokala has good reviews where everything worked out fine, and bad reviews including some about them selling fake cells; you'll have to decide if you want to risk dealing with them.

so...could be a good deal, could be a bad one. can't know unless you talk to others that bought one, if you can find someone that has, and tested it. or bite the bullet and try it out.

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Re: 36V10Ah on bugdet

Post by markz » Feb 05 2020 8:16pm

Why even bother gambling?
Some shady ass mofo selling batteries online = not worth the risk!

Wait for a sale on at Home Depot
https://www.homedepot.com/p/RYOBI-18-Vo ... /301687122
Buy two and figure out a way to connect them in series so the connection is firmly in place. Thats the hurdle.
Then buy the Cryobi charger. RYOBI 18-Volt ONE+ Dual Chemistry IntelliPort Charger Model# P117 (1247) $39.97
Still looking at 250 bills!

Or build your own pack from discarded/used laptop batteries, though those are low discharge cells but people do build them packs and literally solder connections onto them.

www.ru.nkon.nl and get them to weld on tabs and you solder them together. Probably be cheaper then Homeless Despot.
I will throw out some numbers for shitsngiggles. $3usd per cell and 2.5Ah (25R) at 10S and 4P is 40 cells, $160usd + shipping say $40usd, $200usd, forgot about the tab welds, $0.50/cell so $20usd so $220 total. Soldering iron $10 and solder $5 makes it $235. I like to hit up Home Depot for their 10awg yellow home wiring, sold by the foot. Cut the yellow jacket, strip the wires inside, so you will need a wire stripper $5. Presolder the bare copper wire to where you are soldering it.

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Re: 36V10Ah on bugdet

Post by E-HP » Feb 05 2020 10:07pm

hrc wrote: Its 10S3P and 36V10Ah and it only 98 usd delivered. Too good to be true?
I believe the answer is yes. Just do the math and you can see that the cells have to be very good (not quite 35E capacities, but close), so while not $5 cells, still not cheap. Let’s say you can get the cells for $4 each, that’s already $120 just for the cells.

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