phaserunner 1-6 hall sensor code

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phaserunner 1-6 hall sensor code

Post by goatman » Jan 21 2020 12:55am

I have 2 phaserunners and both are flashing 1-6 error code hall sensor.

my 3540 eats motor cables in the axle, I tested hall wires, battery on. neg dmm to black hall wire and each BYG will flash 4.6v.

so halls are fine, right?

tried continuity testing all wires to axle, no continuity.

im going to tear it apart and see if theres an intermittent short by the axle. there is something wrong, from dead stop theres a small growl but that's it. but im thinking motor cable not hall sensor.

other motor is mxus xf40 h and it started to growl a little the other day and the code started but with that one, theres a dead zone if you try starting in certain position the bike wont move but move the tire a little and away you go. haven't looked at it but I read somewhere the number 2 halls are bad?

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