Spare parts for the Bafang Ultra ?

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Spare parts for the Bafang Ultra ?

Post by Kitaro1999 » Oct 15 2018 2:10pm

I see a bunch of posts around parts for the Bafang Ultra - how real is this issue ?

How many failures have people seen with the Ultra ? The answer is probably non-zero, but with motors (even BBSHD) , do users see a large amount of maintenance and need for spare parts ?

Curious if people have anecdotal experience / data for this ?

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Re: Spare parts for the Bafang Ultra ?

Post by tomjasz » Oct 16 2018 1:32am

Considering parts for BBSHD are a struggle to purchase, I’m not hopeful. Bafang sucks at parts supportive. And every new motor gets all the beta testing done by customers.
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Re: Spare parts for the Bafang Ultra ?

Post by Nigedog » Aug 17 2019 7:39am

Impossible, can't even get a chain ring or crank arms unless you are buying a full container load from China.

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