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Re: My Bafang Ultra Mountain Bike! Frey AM1000

Posted: Apr 10 2020 7:31am
by brake034
NoFanBoiz wrote:
Apr 10 2020 3:45am
My first email was sent to two of your email addresses - on your website you claim replies in 12 hours. I waited over 2 weeks for a reply to basic questions and only received a reply as I resent that one and got a response. I sent a second email in regard to your misunderstanding about shipping ports but have not received a response.
I guess business must be too busy to actually care enough to respond. I'm not about to send the second one again. Once bitten, twice shy as I take this lack of communication as an indicator of the level of service I could expect if there are product issues and your lack of timely responses means I will miss out on the special anyway.
Hello NoFanBoiz, please allow me to elaborate a bit more, I will divide the reply in 3 parts:

1) We introduced a new e-mail system under the server, how do I know? I have an established email address that I needed to get up and running again and I am pretty sure I missed a few emails too!

I am Marcel and help Ivy as a Frey brand ambassador on International Marketing.
As a disclaimer; I am not a Frey employee, everything I write is a personal opinion only!

2) As you are well aware Covid has disrupted our everyday life since early February and continues to do so till today!
Frey's supply lines have been effected and are still under a recovery process. Likewise our outward logistics system has been effected significantly too, again under the same recovery process.

So please, cut us some slack, these Covid times are not normal times, we all suffer and together we can overcome that suffering and we will come out together stronger.

3) You mentioned that you "assume they will only ship to major ports" and that you mentioned a "local port"?
Normally for the US we ship door to door, that means you will have your bike delivered at your doorstep and there is no need to pick it up in any port? If you want to further discuss by e-mail, please add me in the thread;

If in the mean time, any of you are that are in need of face masks or any other protective equipment for you and your family, please let us know.