Bafang BBS HD error after programming.

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Bafang BBS HD error after programming.

Post by gordie » Mar 05 2020 3:45am


I'm looking for some advice after hitting issues with a BBS HD.

After the first go at flashing it with a new .el file i'm now no longer able to connect to the motor to reflash and the unit gives an error 30 and no longer operates.

When I first connected using the programming cable and clicked read/flash everything came up straight away. I loaded the .el file (Karls special sauce) with the new settings and clicked WRITE/FLASH - waited a few mins and nothing happened, disconnected the programming cable and tried to start the bike and it gave a error 30.

Now when I try to connect to it everything is greyed out on the software and nothing seems to happen when I try and connect to it.

The only thing I can think is the flash wasn't complete or perhaps corrupt when trying to program the motor as nothing else had been done between it working and not working.

Does anyone have any suggestions of what I could do next?

Am I correct in thinking the software is written to the controller, if so could I be looking at a new controller or is there any way of salvaging it?

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