Little bike, big motor

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Little bike, big motor

Post by E-HP » Feb 18 2020 8:09pm

I saw one of these little bikes parked on the sidewalk during lunch. Pretty small, 20 inch wheels I think. Per their website, seems pretty hefty on weight though (170 lbs?). What struck me was the size of the motor compared to the size of the bike. Looked like 5-6 inches in diameter (and 5.5 kw). The videos online show the bike at the top of many SF hills, and riding down, but I haven't seen ones ascending those steep hills yet.

Anyway, only posting because the motor seemed like maybe it has potential. A good portion of the size looks like it's made up of cooling fins. Has pedals, and short little cranks, but would be a pretty cramped pedaling position for a normal sized person.
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Re: Little bike, big motor

Post by Skaiwerd » Feb 19 2020 9:54am

Made by Monday

Uses moped parts

Look for stock Honda parts to make similar. The grom frame is $130

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Re: Little bike, big motor

Post by 2old » Feb 19 2020 1:11pm

Fits 5'0" to 6'7" -- haha. Maybe if you like to steer by looking through your knees.

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