Kona Dawg Primo BBSHD Conversion

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Kona Dawg Primo BBSHD Conversion

Post by cavi » Jan 20 2020 7:30pm

So my conversion is done but not done. The bike is done, rode it this last weekend and it did great. What it still needs is a new fork and front wheel (both are on the way), then I need to figure out why I cannot run 8th and 9 th gears. They run fine without motor power. as soon as I power it up they do not run in those gears, I ordered a Lekkie sporket, as I am currently running a Eclipse sprockt( but with a spacer and still some washers for more spacing), I am guessing that the Lekkie will space the sprocket out a bit more and hopefully that will solve it. Also this is some video from the test ride yesterday: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5izk1ejvI2U&t=352s
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