Will a BBSHD interfere with an ISCG-05 chain guide mount?

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Will a BBSHD interfere with an ISCG-05 chain guide mount?

Post by oatnet » Jan 20 2020 1:35pm

I've been contemplating another BBS build, but noticed the frame has an integrated ISCG-05 chain guide mount which I'm pretty sure will interfere with the BBS HD's motor can. My searches are not turning up much data, has anyone run into this and what did they have to do?

Assuming it does interfere, I'm wondering if grinding away the flange between the two lower mounting points will give enough clearance, or if I have to take out one of the mounting points too. I hate to cut anything on this frame so I'm trying to figure out how much damage I'd have to do to electrify it.

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