1.7kg 1000w mid drive

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Re: 1.7kg 1000w mid drive

Post by Timelord » Mar 29 2020 7:06pm

One thing that concerns me is the drive sprocket. It appears to be a custom-made sprocket, which means that it could be made obsolete by the company one day if they move on to newer products, or spares would be unavailable if the company goes out of business. Without that sprocket, the entire drive unit is useless. Nice that the stock 12t looks like it's narrow-wide. Presumably the 10t also is, but it wouldn't be possible for the 9t.

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Re: 1.7kg 1000w mid drive

Post by colsaunders2 » Mar 31 2020 4:17pm

I'm curious if this kit would work in the "short mount" dual-sprocket configuration with the Gates belt drive? It looks like the spider would accept BCD 104 sprockets, but it would need to be the inboard sprocket in order to be compatible with most IGHs (I have the N380 with a 45.5 mm beltline). The installation video mentions different size spacers, so perhaps it's possible to line up the pinion gear with the outer sprocket?

It would also be good to know the required BB spindle length for single and dual/triple chainrings.

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