European ESers meet & ride?

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European ESers meet & ride?

Post by eTrike » Feb 23 2019 7:14pm

Greets all! I've not been on here for quite some time and my account from 2010 is no longer active (moral: don't speak truth about L--a) but I'll be traveling in Europe this summer and would love the opportunity to meet and ride with fellow ESers! We'll be sourcing either two bikes or preferably a tandem bike or trike and starting with Spain-France-Italy-Greece then looping north. We hope to hit every country on the main continent but likely won't go to UK this trip. If anyone has leads on bike rentals or classified sites we'd like to rent or purchase an ebike (and if purchased will be leaving the ebike behind so can be had for a steal when we leave at the end of August).

If anyone is keen on hosting wayward ee-venturers please come forward. My lady and I are looking forward to any and all replies. Happy ebiking!
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