E-Bike Mechanics Training Course

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E-Bike Mechanics Training Course

Post by RevBecca » Jun 18 2017 12:26am

Electric Bike MECHANICS COURSE in Melbourne.
Practical Skillset Training, towards a sustainable career in this growth industry, which is presently under-skilled.
Convert your own bicycle to electric, while learning how electric bike systems work, and how to diagnose & repair common faults.
Course cost includes a Conversion Kit (range to choose from), comprehensive manual, and some tools of the trade.
July 10-14, 2017.
Darebin Enterprise Centre
Alphington, Melbourne, Australia
Cost from $2350, dependent on kit selected.
Phone RevBecca on 03 9024 6653 for details, or visit http://www.rev-electricbikekits.com.au/training

Introduction to the Course
E-Bikes & The Law
Components of an E-Bike
- Motor options & suitability
- Battery options & suitability
General Bike Maintenance & Servicing
- Brakes
- Gears
- Other things to check
Understanding Electrical Theory
- Volts, Amps & Watts
- Resistance
- AC and DC
- Using a Multi Meter
- Soldering and Connectors
E-bike Motors
- DC / AC
- brushed / brushless
- Copper Windings (coils / phases)
- Hall Sensors / Sensorless
- Hub / Mid-mount
- Geared / Direct Drive
- Regen Braking
E-Bike Batteries
- A brief history of Batteries
- Chemistries other than Lithium
- Lithium Ion vs Lithium Polymer (LiPo)
- Different chemistries of Lithium-based batteries
- How a lithium battery cell works
- Cells in series and parallel
- Battery Management Systems
- Charging
- Best Practice battery care for prolonged lifespan
- Battery Mounting
- Fault-finding
E-Bike Controllers & Controls
- What does a controller do?
- Square wave / Sine wave
- Programmable controllers
- Standard controls (pedelec, throttle, brake cutouts, LCD)
- Adapting controls to suit challenging bikes
- Adding lights
Testing, Tuning & Tidying
- Finishing off the bike neatly - creating a REV-worthy e-bike
- Test Riding
- General fault-finding & repairs (including other systems)
- What is VALUE in an e-bike system
- Assessing a bike & meeting customer’s needs
REV'ving Bikes in Melbourne's east since 2009

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