UK Midlands/Northwest ride

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ljbuzz   10 mW

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UK Midlands/Northwest ride

Post by ljbuzz » Feb 07 2017 12:58pm

seeing if there is any interest in anyone in the midlands or Northwest meeting up and going for a ride in the midlands. it not often at all i see other ebikers out on trails or anywhere for that matter and normal bikes arent that fun to ride with. think it would be an awesome day out if a few ebike riders where out together battery life permitting obviously. any ideas locations dates wold be good to get something in progress.

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Re: UK Midlands/Northwest ride

Post by whereswally606 » Feb 08 2017 3:18am

Its a good idea, I'm sort of in, pending other commitments, (young son and Husky) but if I know far enough in advance I should be ok to commit. I'm based in Manchester so Midlands isn't too bad.

Also want to get my carbon scott ransom finished, this event might give me the push I need to pull my finger out on it. Otherwise I have the other alu scott ransom 30 instead with it dependable magic pie 1 goodness.
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Ianhill   10 MW

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Re: UK Midlands/Northwest ride

Post by Ianhill » Apr 06 2017 10:16am

Blackpool has ride the lights illumination opening weekend where they close the road off completely on the 29th August this year for any road legal bike with a light to travel up and down on the road no interuptions or dangers it would be good to have an electric bike presence Ive not seen many there just a handful out of at least 10,000 bike's, last year I rode the lights with 5 metres of rope light on my bike i was flashing away as bright as the tower lots of comments and pics.

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Re: UK Midlands/Northwest ride

Post by webstaff » May 16 2018 7:39am


I'm Macclesfield (south manchester) I'd be keen for a meet up.

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