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Re: Upload failed XPD Version 0.4.1a

Posted: Oct 14 2019 4:12pm
by randysway
Steve65 wrote:
Jun 24 2019 3:33pm
Has anyone tried the Download and Upload functionality in XPD Version 0.4.1a with a 124110ST-MII-LYEN EDITION controller ?

I've been able to Download the parameters OK but when try to upload the same values (no changes) I get :-

"Upload failed: byte must be in range(0, 256)"
It looks like the default PySerial version in pip breaks XPD at the moment (v 3.4).

Uninstall PySerial v3.4 and install version 2.5

On Linux:
pip2 uninstall --user pyserial
pip2 install --user pyserial==2.5

(Not sure how python packages are handled on windows, don't need that kind of negativity in my life, frankly. :P )


Re: XPD: open-source keywin e-bike lab replacement

Posted: Feb 10 2020 3:00pm
by Felan128
Hi people.
The other day I finished (almost finished) a small device on Arduino that allows you to program the controller in the field.
It is a little damp, but it works.
If anyone is interested, here is the link: ... ike_based-

If something is wrong with copyright, let me know I will fix it.

Re: XPD: open-source keywin e-bike lab replacement

Posted: Feb 25 2020 9:55am
by pwd
Very interesting device ^^, thanks for posting

Re: XPD: open-source keywin e-bike lab replacement

Posted: Mar 17 2020 7:45am
by zeccato
Thanks for your contribution, today I installed xpd, that is the 3 programs (as specified) and it worked well with window 10.
I put the defaut on the 2, 100%, and the 3 position switch on the 2.
my 2018 cable usb already had the bridge,
(EB3 12 FET cellman).
I've made some adjustments, nothing else.
The Pas now works better, it stops almost immediately.