Dapu hub motor compatible controller.

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Dapu hub motor compatible controller.

Post by Biggsy » Jan 27 2020 5:33am

Hi Guys,

I hope somebody can help.
I purchased a lightweight Dapu hub motor :


It was sold without a working controller, and I just assumed I could get away with using a generic or KT controller.
I hope I am still corrct but I am uncertain based on the number of wires coming out of the hub.

It has 6 wires:
3 fat wires, Blue, yellow, green which I expected, but it also has three small wires, Red Black and White

Has anybody got any advice on what they do and how I should wire them up to something like a KT controller?

Thanks a lot for any advice!

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Re: Dapu hub motor compatible controller.

Post by dogman dan » Jan 27 2020 8:24am

That is an odd wiring setup. A generic sensorless controller that can run without halls connected will run it, connected to only the three fat wires.

Not sure what is with the other 3, usually its 5 wires for halls.

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Re: Dapu hub motor compatible controller.

Post by amberwolf » Jan 28 2020 2:01am

the three small are a speed sensor, almost certainly. red 5v, black ground, white speed signal, probably one pulse per motor rotation but you'd have to verify that.

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Re: Dapu hub motor compatible controller.

Post by petrun » Jan 28 2020 5:24am

Yes , it's the speed sensor. I see it on many bafang motors without halls.

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