Braintree S866C install on The One

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Braintree S866C install on The One

Post by silentguy » Jan 26 2020 9:15am

I just installed this better Braintree controller and display Brainpower Model 866C-6 with S866 Display
On The One folding bike by UCB United City Bikes
It has a 250 watt rear hub motor
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Do not buy this bike , it is falsely advertised.
More info on Reddit group r/unitedcitybikes

I am fixing things wrong with Bike as i was sent a original DAOO controller with the bike which is locked and the settings are not optimal and the bike will not ride properly

I need help with the new Braintree 866 controller settings as the speed is not being displayed accurately I’m pretty sure I have installed everything correctly including the PAS sensor (12 magnets) and the hall sensors.

I’m not sure who the Motor manufacturer is and I can’t easily open up the rear hub as I think I need to use hydraulic press to remove it and I have not been able to figure out how to remove the rear wheel yet

Here’s the controller info ... p;amp;th=1

It has 20 changeable settings similar to the list that had been gathered here. ... ame=iossmf

I still need to adjust some of the settings

If the weather is good I’ll do a test drive and video tomorrow.

This video shows all the display and controller settings

The display S866 brightness and interface is very nice
Much better than the original DAOO and S5 display and better than the first Braintree controller I bought.

Same issues ; the controller case is too big to fit in the Space under the one so it will need to be removed and put in another case

The PAS sensor needed is also one of the KT V 12 sensors.

This controller has lights as well as EABS function which I have not figured out how to use so it may have regen ability as well.

I need help with :

P07. the number of magnets in the hub motor.

Anybody know the correct value or default value for this 250watt motor. ?

P11 : Boost Sensitivity

P12: Boost Start Strength

P18: Speed Ratio Adjustment

I’ll try the values that were collected in the spreadsheet.

Right now the speed is not being accurately displayed , it’s too fast , so I think I need To adjust the number of magnets listed for the hall sensor in the hub motor.
Possibly also adjust the speed ratio

P13 is the cadence : PAS sensor number of magnets at the pedal crankshaft. Mine is definitely 12 magnets

On looking at magnets inside photos of small 350watt motors , I counted 48 magnets at the outer rim.
If it’s the magnets at the windings I counted 12-14

I played with the p18 speed adjustment ratio and set it to 50% and that gave no load speed
For PAS 01 of 30mph and 62mph on PAS 05

So I’m thinking I have to adjust P07 and P18

I have the correct wheel size set as 16”

Looking for help and advice on how to get the speed to display correctly.

silentguy   100 W

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Posts: 109
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Re: Braintree S866C install on The One

Post by silentguy » Jan 28 2020 11:30am

Answered my own question

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