Problems with new UKC1 display with Sabvoton 72100 controller

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Problems with new UKC1 display with Sabvoton 72100 controller

Post by cbrady1981 » Jan 25 2020 10:59pm

I'm trying to bench-test my new kit (link) before installing on the bike, but having problems getting the display and controller to power on. I've got the controller wired up to a 64V battery pack (20s Lifepo4's).
Holding the power button for a couple seconds will turn on the controller, but not the display, and the controller turns off immediately as soon as I release the power button. I've been able to hold the power on and communicate with the controller via the MQCON software, it shows that the brake & throttle inputs are working, was even able to spin the motor - but only as long as I'm holding the power button down. I've plugged & unplugged everything many times.
I'm guessing the display is supposed to keep the "ignition" on to the controller, and that's not happening. Anybody have any experience with this display? Does it need 72V to function (the kit lists 36-72V)?

Thanks in advance
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