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XLD XunLiDa controller broken

Posted: Jan 23 2020 6:24pm
by lucasades
I recently was riding my ebike and all of a sudden I lost power, throttle indicator lights were still on and everything seemed fine except that I had no power. Checked the voltages and the controller was no longer providing the 5v to the throttle, wondering if anyone knows what might've happened or if there's an easy fix just by replacing a component in the controller. it is a 30-48v controller rated for 38 amps. running it at 52, checked the caps and they are rated for 60 so 58.8 should be alright. Any thoughts?

Re: XLD XunLiDa controller broken

Posted: Jan 26 2020 1:01am
by amberwolf
the three most likely things are:

-- "ignition" or "keyswitch" or "doorlock" wire from controller to battery broken somewhere (if it has one). this takes battery power to the lvps (see below) to "turn on" the controller brain.

-- just a broken wire between controller and throttle

-- the low voltage power supply (lvps) in the controller has failed. this takes battery power and turns it into 12v and 5v for the non-motor parts of it.

if it's the latter, the most common part that fails is the big resistor, either unsoldering itself, or burning open, becuase of too much current (which usually happens because of too high a voltage).

first measure the voltage on all pairs of black and red wires that come out of the controller.

if none of them have 5v, then it's probably the lvps (possibly fixable, but not always easy), but could be the ignition wire (easy to fix)

if all but the throttle have 5v, then it's just a broken wire and you cna fix that.