Bafang, intermittent power issue.

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Bafang, intermittent power issue.

Post by dgbat2 » Jan 23 2020 11:56am

This is a BBS02 bought 3 years ago. I believe it's the *B version.

The main reduction gear was packed with grease and that caused the nylon gear to fail, which has since been replaced.

The Intermittent fault is, an occasional loss of power combined with a 'cogging' effect at low RPM.

The noise from the gearing arrangement inside the unit is unhealthy, some kind of grinding or resistance is randomly present, about 10-20% of the time while running the motor. See, the subtle shifts in the noise are unforunately difficult to hear as they're low frequency, but the grinding/resistance can certainly be felt through the frame as the motor spins off the throttle.

Has anyone had experience of this?

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