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Bafang BBSHD DPC18 display question

Posted: Jan 21 2020 12:18am
by kiltedcelt
I have the Bafang BBSHD and the DPC18 full-color display. I've attempted to tweak some settings like clock, number of assist levels, etc. For some reason if I set assist levels it defaults back to 5 and while it records total mileage and saves that (trip mileage), the assist levels don't seem to stay at 9 settings. At first I was thinking since I unplug the battery and take it into my apartment each day (bike stays locked up in the bike room), that the display was unable to maintain settings like the clock or changing assist levels if the the battery was unplugged. However, that doesn't seem to hold true since clearly it maintains a running total of trip mileage every day. Am I missing something on settings, like a way to confirm a change before exiting out of the system? It'd be nice to have 9 assist levels (much more discrete management of assist than the simple default 5 levels), and have the clock show the correct time. Also, I wanted to have the battery gauge display voltage rather than percentage, and that doesn't seem to have stayed since I tweaked that setting as well.